Coming this Summer

LOCKS: A look at the progress being made in constructing the new Soo Lock.

ENVIRONMENT: Amid volatile weather patterns, this section looks at the Fourth Seacoast’s overall resiliency and what modifications are needed.

PROPULSION: Part three of a series introducing new systems and fuels to help existing and new ships prepare for decarbonization.

DREDGING: A detailed example of how can-do innovations are turning the constraints of limited CDF space into viable beneficial reuse programs.

LEADERSHIP: Two fleet executives address changes in their companies and how those changes are expected to impact contracts and commodity flows.

ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Interviews; Guest Editorials; From the Advisory Board; Dateline; Ports; Fleets; History; Maritime Photography; Lighthouses; Meet the Fleet; Meet the Crew.

Editorial subject to change without notice.

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