50th Anniversary

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Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System: A regional economic engine for 60 years
Great Lakes/Seaway Review: Advocating and informing the region for 50 years

Trade in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway system is so closely linked with Great Lakes/Seaway Review that few remember one without the other. The magazine was founded by Publisher Jacques LesStrang in 1969 with the explicit purpose of developing and advocating for the system.

In this special anniversary edition, we celebrate the 60 years since the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway, the 50th Anniversary of Great Lakes/Seaway Review and 50 years of partnership between the magazine and the region.

In this special issue we will feature:

  • A tribute to the St. Lawrence Seaway’s 60th anniversary
  • Great Lakes/Seaway Review: A half century of vision: by Publisher Michelle Cortright
  • The evolution of partnership: by Editor Janenne Irene Pung
  • Guest editorials which showcase the connection between the system and the magazine
  • Timeline of system successes
  • Issues coverage over the decades
  • Changes in commodity movement

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