Great Lakes Seaway Review
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April - June, 2015
Vol. 43 No. 4

“My first ad appeared in the July-September issue of Great Laker. Since that time hits on my web site have increased by 2,000 hits per month! To say the least, I'm very impressed”

Great Laker

EDITORIAL COVERAGE This beautiful, full-color magazine displays the Great Lakes in all their splendor. Great Laker gives you beautiful exposure to cultural tourism in the Great Lakes maritime community and maritime heritage. We cover the waterfront every quarter with:

  • Lighthouse features
  • Profiles of boats
  • Personality profiles
  • Great Lakes-related book, music and DVD reviews
  • Regional calendar of events
  • Marine photography features
  • Special anniversary and event features

READERSHIP With a circulation of six-thousand (6,000) devoted subscribers, Great Laker reaches a reader who is passionate about the region and the magazine. The Great Laker reader is in the highly desirable demographic of middle-aged, upper middle class, with the time and the disposable income to travel and explore the Great Lakes region. Every issue also features bonus distribution at special events throughout the Great Lakes region.

Great Laker is available in print and as a fully interactive digital magazine with page-turning, video and a full search function.

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